As some people may know, I’m a big anime fan. Over the past few years I’ve been watching shows of that type more and more, so many that I decided I wanted to keep track of what shows I’d seen. There’s a great website called MyAnimeList which allows you to keep track of all the anime you’ve seen and are watching (you can see my list here). I’m always looking for new projects to work on and if possible I’d prefer to work on something that I’m familiar with. I had thought for a while about anything anime related I could build, but I couldn’t come up with anything I wanted to work on for quite a while. Eventually I thought of having a site to recommend people new anime to watch based on their MyAnimeList account. Despite some issues I had with MyAnimeList and pulling data from them, I finally finished it: Anime Recommendations

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Well, I’ve finally released another game for Android, a much simpler game this time. It’s called Word Race and you can get it on the Google Play store right now, for free and with no ads.

Word Race
Word Race

This is a project that myself and my friend Ben Dunkin started in our final semester of university this past winter. The goal was to make something simple enough that we could build it in just a few weeks, and simultaneously keeping up with our other classes. As such, we could only devote so much time to it, and while the game was functional by the end of the semester, it wasn’t at a level where either of us wanted to release it. After graduating we decided to continue working on it in our spare time to polish it, ultimately leading to what you see today.

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About a month ago now, I published my first app to the android market. I wasn’t expecting much from it, as the main reason for the endeavor was to learn and build up my portfolio. That being said, I still wanted to see how it would fare on the market, but was fairly disappointed that I only got a few downloads. Among the few downloads I got, there wasn’t any feedback, I had no ratings for the game and no comments. I couldn’t really gleam much information from that. I could only assume that it was met with mediocre reactions – not terrible, but not good either.

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Like many other people, I’ve always been interested in programming and being able to make your ideas comes to life. Even more so than programming in general, I had a desire to make games, just like so many others. However, as with most of those same people, I was afraid of programming for a long time. I built it up to be some enigmatic puzzle that only someone smarter than me could unravel. When I started university though, I decided that being able to enjoy what I do for a living is more important than choosing something safe. So, instead of going down what I felt was the safe route, I changed directions. I picked up the courses that I would need to switch into computer science in my 2nd year, and began my scary journey into the world of computer science.

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